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Below we present the construction of the Kamai® stand. Find out what distinguishes our product from other competing solutions available on the market

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Watering the Christmas tree in the Kamai® stand

integrated water tank

They provide stability for Christmas trees

Warranty and safety

Kamai® Christmas tree stands created by a Polish-German team of engineers guarantee quality and durability, offering a 5-year warranty. We present the differences from the competition in our office test – read the analysis

in Kamai® Christmas tree stands

Simple Christmas tree assembly

Using the SELECT model as an example, we show the assembly and quality of the stand. It guarantees stability - even when the tree is vigorously shaken. Equipped with a water tank (up to 6l) with a display showing its level. Its elegant design fits perfectly with Christmas decor.

Discover the 4 steps to quickly assemble your Christmas tree

Intuitive assembly system

1. Unlock and then move the lever up until the hooks open;
2. Place the Christmas tree in the stand, placing it on the needle protruding from the base;
3. Press the lever several times until the stand's hooks tighten firmly on the trunk;
4. Lock the mount and DONE!

It works the same regardless of the model

Consistency of operation between models

All Kamai® rack models work in the same way, having a solid and strong mechanism. The differences concern the design of the hat and the size of the stand, which affects the height of the Christmas tree and the capacity of the water tank. The assembly mechanism is unchanged: unlock, place the Christmas tree, clamp and lock. Ready!

25 years of experience in the production of stands

Quality and reliability on the EU market

Thanks to 25 years of experience, we guarantee the highest quality. The stand housing is made of strong plastic. It is resistant to damage. Our stands are available throughout the EU. This shows confidence in the Kamai® brand

Solidity in every detail

Strength of elements

In a world where many mechanical components, even in popular household appliances, are made of plastic, Kamai® Christmas tree stands stand out. Key components such as the cable, springs, gears and lock are made of steel. Thanks to this, there is no fear of cracks when tightening the hooks or failures after a few years. Kamai® guarantees durability and reliability.

Simple installation while maintaining stability

Easy to attach the trunk to Kamai® racks

The key element of Kamai® stands is the centrally placed steel spike. After hammering in the trunk, you can easily profile the tree with one hand while someone from a distance advises whether the Christmas tree is straight. After perfect positioning, just press the foot lever a few times for the hooks to engage and the Christmas tree to be locked in the selected position.

Innovative single line system

A revolution in Christmas tree stability

All Kamai® rack models use a patented single cable system. This is the result of the work of Polish and German engineers. Thanks to this, the clamp of the hooks on the trunk is extremely strong, which guarantees the stability of your Christmas tree. This makes the assembly process simple: unlock, place the tree, clamp and lock. Ready!

Safety first

Peaceful holidays guaranteed

Kamai® rack models are equipped with a patented security system. There is an illustration on the stand lever: an arrow on a green background indicates unlocked terminals, while a padlock on a red background indicates locked. Thanks to this mechanism, you can be sure that the clamps will not open uncontrollably.

Capacity adapted to your needs

Water tank in Kamai® stands

Kamai® stands are distinguished by a capacious water tank. Depending on the selected model, the tank holds from 2 to even 7 liters of water. Thanks to this, the Christmas tree stays fresh for longer. Many competitive stands do not offer this function, which shortens the life of the Christmas tree. Stands with a small tank (less than 2L) require more frequent watering, which is inconvenient for the user. 

Checking the water level in the stand

Kamai® Rack Water Meter

Kamai® stands are equipped with a practical float that informs about the water level in the tank. This makes it easy to control whether the Christmas tree has enough water. The float is also helpful when filling the tank - it indicates when the maximum water level is reached, warning against overflowing. SELECT models also have an LED display informing about the water level.

Certified quality

International quality certificates

Kamai® stands are not only functional, but also safe and durable. They have the international TÜV Thüringen quality certificate from 9/2019. Additionally, they were tested for the presence of harmful substances, which is confirmed by another certificate from TÜV Thüringen. It is worth emphasizing that Kamai® stands are available in most European Union countries, meeting the strict requirements of each Member State

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