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We offer the service of packing products in a mix of pallets, which allows for effective inventory management and facilitates transport. Thanks to this, you can minimize costs and optimize logistics processes.

We have been specializing in distribution for 20 years. We successfully introduce products to the market. We connect the producer with the supplier - being a support in the supply chain. Our goal is to optimize trade and logistics processes for our partners.

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Christmas Tree

Christmas offer 2023

Kamai Christmas tree stands are a sales hit. Several hundred thousand units are sold throughout the EU each season. As every year - for over 20 years - also in 2023 customers are looking for our Christmas Tree Stands.  

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We help our partners optimize costs and streamline processes in supply chains. Thanks to 20 years of experience, we have become experts in both traditional and online trade.

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Great cooperation and assistance at every stage of order fulfillment. I cordially greet the Kamai team, especially Mrs. Maria.
Kodachrome Trade Office
I recommend cooperation. A business partner worth recommending.
Fast delivery and always helpful customer service! I recommend
Monika Turczynska
Very fast delivery of orders, good contact with the wholesaler, a transparent and intuitive ordering system. I recommend.
Karina Jarska

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In our offer you will find products from the categories Christmas, garden, home, camping, pet products.

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